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Who Are We?

Chocolate kisses UK, As you seen us at Glasgow Christmas markets from 2016 - 2020, we are back better than ever and ONLINE! Delivering Christmas in a box straight to your door step. 


What Are Chocolate Kisses?

Chocolate Kisses are German chocolate sweets, They have a crisp wafer base with a soft and creamy filling, smothered in luxurious chocolate. They are generally described as marshmallow cakes but the consistency is much lighter - more like a mousse. Unlike a marshmallow, they don't contain gelatine so are suitable for vegetarians. They are low-calorie too, only 70 calories each! Kisses are available in many different flavours - some traditional, some funky, but are all absolutely delicious.


Allergy advice - Chocolate kisses contain gluten, wheat, egg, sugar and dairy. Not suitable for anyone with a nut allergy or for vegans. For any further information, please get in touch! 


Delivery and Policy 

We are committed to delivering products as quickly and as safely possible. Our usual shipping time is 3 - 5 working days, although during these uncertain times slight delays may occur. We ask for your patience in advance. All delivery £3.00

Chocolate Kisses UK